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meela rainey viking woman tattoos

I am a tattoo artist with over 10 years experience specialising exclusively in Nordic art, especially dotwork.

I take inspiration from archaeological artefacts, stone and wood carving art and stories and tales from  the Viking era in Scandinavia .

I am currently based in Hackney, London and have developed a business where all clients are booked privately and in advance.

 I began drawing at a very early age and even won a drawing contest in my home town at the age of 4! I would describe myself as a very artistic person and after getting a tattoo myself, I always felt this was the direction I wanted to take my art.


From there, I was lucky enough to have a friend who introduced me to the basics of how to tattoo but it was mainly through practicing on myself and friends that I learned to tattoo. After developing my skills, I was tattooing for around 4 years, working mainly in the colour realism style before I realised that this wasn’t the direction I wanted to take my art in.


I first discovered Nordic mythology because I was attracted to the runes and began to read more deeply about the Norse culture when I was about 16. I have always been interested in history and the different art styles that cultures like the Egyptians and the Norse created but it wasn’t until around 3 years ago that I realised that to be good tattooist / artist it is more important to create things you are passionate about rather than be able to tattoo in every style.


Away from tattooing, I also enjoy painting on canvas, taking influence again from the Nordic styles and from fantasy art (I grew up playing World Of Warcraft). I also love to paint models and to create living art through the plants in my garden.

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